with Author Dr. Jane Scott

Parents are more overwhelmed than ever before.

Dr.Jane Scott has seen this parental anxiety up close, and in The Confident Parent she shares advice on how to cut through the confusion,dial down the insecurities, and simply do what countless parents around the world have done throughout history: responding to their little one’s needs without over thinking, over stimulating, and overparenting.


Keep the Joy of Parenting

1) A Fresh Perspective

How to nurture the relationship with your children by sharing your responsibilities, balancing your needs and avoiding fear based parenting promoted by the media.

2) Caring for Your Newborn–and Yourself

Who to trust and listen to, and where to get help when you need it most. Plus universal rules for making it all work and how to politely resist the pressure of others.

3) Simple Ways to Boost Baby's Brain

Why you don’t have to spend a fortune and what really helps with your baby’s development in the first years of life.

4) Gather Your Village

Your child is an addition, not the end of your social life. Learn the benefits of building your village and making life more fun for your child and yourself.

5) Sleep Through the Night–Really!

Sleep needs to be taught to your baby, just like everything else. Avoid trial and error, crying and upset, with these surefire tips.

6) Breastfeed (or Don't) the Worry-Free Way

Insights into successful feeding strategies for babies in different cultures. And what it can teach us about breastfeeding children in the modern world.

7) Make Mealtimes Fun

Avoid picky eaters and learn how to best include your children in the joy of family mealtimes.

8) Slow Down to Discipline

Learn how to reduce the” reactive” behaviors of children like whining and temper tantrums by asking the right questions, offering limited choices, being consistent and limiting the rules.

9) Play!

How to strike a balance between providing realistic safety and giving children the opportunity to explore their own world and develop as individuals.



Dr. Jane Scott

DR JANE SCOTT is a pediatrician and neonatologist. Before training at Duke University, Dr. Scott lived in England and Ireland, as well as the Australian outback and the South African desert. She has four children of her own, born on three continents, and now is a doting grandparent.


Stephanie Land

STEPHANIE LAND is a half-French, half-Bronx writer, book editor, and mother of two. With twenty years in the publishing business, she has collaborated on over a dozen books, including several New York Times bestsellers, with a wide range of entrepreneurs, entertainers, executives, and health professionals. She lives in Austin, Texas with her family and two dogs.


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